Dorking Caves, Surrey


This Virtual Tour of South Street Caves in Dorking, Surrey, was created for a member of the Mole Valley Geological Society. Tours of the caves are currently not allowed due to the Covid restrictions but when things get back to normal cave tours can be arranged via the Dorking Museum.

The present entrance to the caves is in South Street in the centre of Dorking. There is evidence of a number of original entrances to the caves, including two shafts, but all with the exception of the South Street entrance have been sealed. The upper level of the caves is laid out as a wine cellar and was last used for this purpose in the 19th century. In the centre of the upper level is a set of steps leading down to a landing, from which leads a further set of steps to a lower passage. At the far end of this passage is a circular room with a bench cut out of the rock.

The tour allows you to explore the various tunnels and chambers and features a map to aid navigation.

Use your mouse to look around and zoom in and out (or fingers if using a touch screen). You can click icons to explore and see more. To fully appreciate the tour press the fullscreen icon (bottom right), or right-click and choose 'Enter Fullscreen'.



If you'd like a quote for a virtual tour or have any questions, then please let me know via the address below:

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